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How do I verify my account?

To verify your account you will have to provide your ID, passport or driving licence scan or picture and to upload it here: My Account -> Payment -> Withdraw (Continue reading)

Can I send my withdrawal back to another payment method?

When possible, all withdrawals are processed to the payment method from which the funds were initially deposited.(Continue reading)

When do my funds become withdrawable?

Your funds are becoming withdrawable within 24 hours. In case of bitcoin, funds are becoming withdrawable within 10 hours.(Continue reading)

How do I withdraw?

You can make a withdrawal once you are logged into your account by going to My Account -> Payment -> Withdraw We are required to send funds back to the payment method that was used to deposit the original funds with (when possible).(Continue reading)

Bitcoin withdraw fee

Once a month, you can withdraw your Bitcoin(s) from our site, without paying a Bitcoin transfer fee. If you want to withdraw Bitcoin(s) twice or more times per month, you will pay Bitcoin transfer fee. Bitcoin transfer fee is a default network fee, which will get transaction into blockchain, within ... (Continue reading)