1. All players are automatically entered into our Leaderboard and earn XP points from placing bets on esport, no matter win or lose..
  2. The leaderboard restarts every first day in a month at 00:00 (UTC).
  3. Every bet on esports that you place counts towards the leaderboard.
  4. You receive XP points when your betslip is resulted.
  5. Number of XP points is calculated by BetOnBit betting system. It depends on various factors like: how much money you bet, how much money you earn, how many pairs you played (single or multibet), how high odds are (for example you will get more XP if you place multi bet, rather then single bet).
  6. In our "Best Monthly Bettors" competition can participate all members who have placed bets using real money (€, $) or any cryptocurrency available (BTC, BTC Cash, Ethereum).
  7. Users who place bets using BetOnBit "Play Money" are not eligible to enter this competition, and those betslips and XP points won't be added to our Leaderboard rankings.
  8. You can place as many bets as you want in this competition. Prices are limited to top 4 bettors.
  9. The winners of "Best Monthly Bettors" competition are the players who collect and have the highest amount of XP points at the end of each month.
  10. If there are two or more players in the top 4 with the same amount of XP points, all players will get the same prize.
  11. If your betslip is canceled (event/match is cancelled/postponed etc.) you won't receive any XP points from that betslip.
  12. The leaderboard will be updated on a hourly basis.
  13. BetOnBit general rules and terms & conditions apply.
  14. All decisions of BetOnBit will be final in the competition.
  15. Reward for this competition is: $400 (monthly). Reward is split to top 4 players:
    • Prize for first place: $500 on BetOnBit
    • Prize for second place: $300 on BetOnBit
    • Prize for third place: $150 on BetOnBit
    • Prize for fourth place: $50 on BetOnBit